The XPDRAINAGE Treatment Train Approach

Source: Innovyze

In this webinar you will see how to apply xpdrainage to a site in order to compare pre- and post-development flows and water quality for various LID practices.

We will demonstrate how to use these tools in the workflow:

  • Calculate pre-development stormwater runoff and pollutant washoff
  • Estimate the approximate volumes needed for flow control and pollutant management
  • Compare surface-water runoff flows for the pre-development and post-development surfaces
  • Locate suitable stormwater controls on site and connect them up as a treatment train
  • Compare pre-development flows with post-development flows and pollution removal
  • Modify the design, re-run and compare results for both scenarios

The end result will demonstrate, in a quantifiable way, an effective treatment train approach to flow and pollution control.