The Wet Well Wizard

Wiz V2 Pic

The Wet Well Wizard is the only ‘one-size-fits-all’ wet well aeration system that has no moving parts, is completely non-corrosive, is simple to install, and utilizes no electricity underwater. It can be installed in 30 minutes and requires almost no maintenance.

Collection systems containing lift stations all have the same problems –

  • The buildup of FOG (fats, oils and grease)
  • Odor – both in the lift stations and down-line
  • Increased pump maintenance due to short cycling and clogging
  • Septicity in the collection system causing H2S corrosion
  • Costly cleaning and maintenance – often reoccurring vacuum disposal

The Reliant Water Wet Well Wizard is the answer to all of these problems. So, why is it so effective –

  1. The injection of a continuous flow of cleaved bubbles into the wet well water, breaks up and liquefies FOG and other viscous semi-solids. Solid non-dissolvable waste items will be freed of their FOG coatings for easy screen collection and disposal.
  2. All microbial activity in the wet well becomes aerobic, so bio-degradation of organic matter, and odors, is continuous.
  3. When FOG and trash buildup becomes thick in the wet well, float switches have a tendency to lie on top of, or get trapped below, the FOG and debris. This allows the waste to collect closer to pump intakes and cause premature damage to the pumps. Short cycling and premature pump failure is also common under these conditions.
  4. Without oxygen in wet wells the formation and buildup of H2S is constant and the corrosive gas is pumped downstream to cause odors and corrosion to cement and steel components of the entire collection system.
  5. Collection system crews no longer have to spend hours in lift stations cleaning FOG and debris. A simple screen scoop for small floating debris is all that is necessary.