The Reward Of Risk: New Tech Pays Off


The engineering community can sometimes be wary of trying anything other than the technologies they are already accustomed to, says Rich Cavagnaro of Adedge, a purification technology company with a focus on nitrates and radionuclides.

But new doesn’t always equal risky.

“In a company like Adedge, what we are often faced with is that we have got to engage with our customers to make them feel comfortable with those new things that we’re putting out there in the marketplace,” says Cavagnaro, in a radio interview with colleague Greg Gillis and Water Online’s Todd and Todd. “We have to prove to them that there is little to no risk with these new technologies.”

That low risk comes as a result of numerous pilot studies, demonstration projects with the EPA, and hundreds of installations of Adedge’s technologies.  It also comes from a leading team of scientists working to create the technologies up front.

“We don’t even put a system out in a place, even a pilot unless we’re probably 85 to 90 percent sure or confident that it’s going to work,” explains Cavagnaro. “So we try to do our homework upfront, understand the limits of the technology before it’s ever even deployed.”

AdEdge Water Technologies, LLC.