The Flygt 4220 Mixer Draws Rave Reviews From Plant Superintendent

Source: Flygt -- A Xylem Brand

Xylem’s new Flygt 4220 mixer enhances the resilience and sustainability of wastewater treatment plants, enabling operators to easily manage changing mixing conditions by simply adjusting the mixer output. As the Flygt 4220 can be controlled to deliver only the output required, a plant’s energy consumption can be significantly reduced.

In this video, the Flygt 4220 mixer was placed in a 16-ft long by 13-ft wide by 15-ft deep anoxic tank, replacing an existing compact mixer that drew a continuous 1.3 kW. Right away the new mixer was drawing a cool 0.53kW to produce the same thrust as the original did for 1.4kW. Eventually, it was discovered that the mixer could be run at much lower speeds and still maintain adequate mixing. In the end, the new mixer was turned down from 180 to 100 RPM where it drew a mere 0.10kW while still providing sufficient mixing in the experimental tank.