The Efficient Era Of Pumping Systems

Source: Grundfos
The Efficient Era Of Pumping Systems

Of the most pressing matters facing the water industry today, none are drumming up as much concern as the need for energy efficiency. Financial pressure, the need to protect the environment, limited resources, it all comes down to making the most out of the least amount of energy.

For proof that energy efficiency is at the top of the industry’s agenda, look no further than Grundfos. The world’s largest pump manufacturer at $4 billion, which has served the market since the 1850s, has established a newfound focus on making its products as resourceful as possible.

“It’s increasingly important for the U.S. market to focus on energy efficiency,” said Thomas Morrison, vice president of business development at Grundfos, during an interview with Water Online Radio. “Municipal operators are very conscious of the energy cost of operating pumping systems… You have to look at how you can optimize everything that goes around the pump, how you operate the pump, how you run the pump, and that’s where our control package, our monitoring, and our drives come into play. We optimize the system rather than just one component of the system.”

To hear more about how Grundfos hopes to lead the way in energy efficiency and a groundbreaking deal they struck this fall, tune in below.

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