News | September 15, 2015

The Cure For Collection System Odor, FOG and H2S Problems

Reliant Water Technologies is introducing a new Collection System Wet Well aeration system that is guaranteed to eliminate odor (including H2S), liquefy all FOG constituents for complete pump-down of the wet well, and activate the indigenous bacteria in the well for improved organic digestion and wet well cleaning. Made of 3 simple components for easy customer installation, the Wet Well Wizard will reduce the time and work required of your collection system maintenance staff. Total cleaning maintenance will now only be scooping floating solid debris that cannot be dissolved, with a simple trash screen on a pole. Weekly well vacuuming will be a thing of the past.

This patent pending aeration tool is unique because of a set of multiple bubble-cleaving baffles that slice large bubbles into very aggressive smaller bubbles that can cut any nonsolid into an emulsified liquid within a very short time. This continuous “boiling” action will allow for the wet well pumps to quickly and effortlessly move the emulsified liquids downstream. Side benefits are high amounts of dissolved oxygen that will quickly activate indigenous aerobic bacteria to eliminate organic, odor causing substances in the water. H2S is eliminated and downstream collection system lines are free of odor and corrosion.

The Wet Well Wizard is inexpensive to purchase, can be installed in one-half hour, and it will last for years. It is designed to be controlled to run a timer if desired. Maintenance on the system is cleaning a single air intake filter twice per year. Made of HDPE and stainless steel, the Wiz and its air feed hose and all connection hardware will last for many years. The blower can be supplied in any voltage and phase. Options for the blower are available, such as, a weatherproof enclosure; anodized blower body, flywheel and casing.

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Source: RELIANT Water Technologies