Datasheet | March 18, 2015

The CoMag® System For Drinking Water

Source: Evoqua Water Technologies

The CoMag® System from Evoqua Water Technologies uses magnetite to ballast conventional floc and create a robust high rate clarification process that improves effluent quality and process control. The CoMag system easily integrates with planned or existing facilities. For drinking water applications, it is primarily used for surface water treatment.

The CoMag design is ideally suited to deliver superior effluent quality when treating flashy surface water and variable flows. Its reduced footprint coupled with system simplicity allows for greater operational control at a substantially reduced life-cycle cost when compared to conventional treatment and other ballasted technologies.

The CoMag system can be combined with downstream filtration to easily exceed regulatory drinking water treatment standards. The CoMag process improves the operation of downstream filtration equipment by dramatically reducing solids loading. It does so in a significantly smaller footprint than conventional alternatives.