Case Study

Mueller Systems: The City Of Clayton Reduces Non-Revenue Water, Improves Customer Service And Operational Efficiency With Hot Rod™

Source: Mueller Water Products

Clayton was plagued with exceptionally high non-revenue water rates in the 50 percent range. The city attributed the problem to leaks in its water system (parts of which have been in place the 1920s) that are exasperated by high pressure levels needed to pump water to more than 3200 service connections throughout Clayton’s mountainous terrain located 2200ft above sea level. And, manual collection of meter readings across Clayton’s expansive service area was prone to human error and took as long as three weeks, making it virtually impossible to isolate leaks.

To help reduce non-revenue water, improve customer service and reduce the amount of time required to collect monthly meter readings, Clayton began searching for an advanced, mobile automatic meter reading (AMR) system that could integrate with its newly replaced commercial and residential water meters.

The city turned to Mueller Systems, a subsidiary of Mueller Water Products, Inc., and leading provider of innovative water infrastructure products and services and technologically
advanced metering systems for water, electric and gas systems. Clayton’s Public Works Department decided to implement Mueller Systems’ high performance AMR system, Hot Rod™. The components of the Hot Rod AMR system, which include the Hot Rod™ Radio Transmitter Unit, Street Machine™ Mobile Data Collector, and EZ Reader™ Software, work together to help utilities reduce the amount of time it takes to manually collect meter reads, more effectively manage water usage, and improve customer service.