Case Study

10-Ton Submersible Pumps Succeed In Marine Environment Protection

Source: Sulzer Pumps Solutions Inc.

Mandated to transform Saudi Arabia’s water and wastewater infrastructure, National Water Company aims to increase the capacity of wastewater treatment in Jeddah to serve its expanding population and protect the environment.

One objective was to build a new sea outfall for the transmission of treated effluent from the Al-Khumra wastewater treatment plant. The treated effluent is recycled for reuse in irrigation and other applications. During emergencies, the effluent will be discharged to a specific sea location that will provide sufficient dilution with minimum impact on the environment.

The transmission system comprises of onshore works that include a pumping station, and offshore works that include five pipelines. Pumps of the required size are normally designed and built specifically for the project by engineering companies. In order to ensure maximum reliability, the customer, however, wanted a smart solution from a supplier specialized in wastewater products, with many references for the same pump size.

Sulzer was one of the recommended vendors because of positive experiences with large pumping stations in the same city and for the same end user in the past.