Wireless Remote Monitoring With Trimble Telog 32 Series RTUs

Telog 32 Series Of Recording Telemetry Units (RTUs)

Continuing the tradition of ground breaking products that add exciting new capabilities for smart, remote monitoring in water and wastewater networks.

Features Include:

  • LTE 4G Wireless: Offering widespread coverage with an upgradeable modem ready for when future wireless technologies become available.
  • Best In Class Sampling Of Pressure Transients: Up to 256 samples/second for impulse monitoring. User configurable, 8 times current rate. Immediate Alarms on Impulse.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity: New Bluetooth connectivity. Removes need for local cable connection. Less confined space entries. No climbing poles.
  • IP68 Robust Enclosure: Better sealing for underground deployments. Easier access for battery change in the field.
  • Battery Life Management: Improvements on battery life prediction and monitoring enable predictive maintenance and reduced downtime.