News | October 15, 2013

Telog RG-32A Rain Gauge Monitor Wirelessly Provides Interval Totals

Source: Trimble Water
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The Telog RG-32A Rain Gauge Recorder, part of Telog’s industry-leading family of remote data acquisition products, monitors the output of any tipping bucket-style rain gauge to provide internal rain totals of any user defined length. The Telog RG-32A  can be configured to call the host computer on any fixed schedule the user chooses—daily, for example, or whenever a specific level of rainfall has accumulated. This ensures that users always know how much total rainfall has occurred, up to the most recent 0.1 inch.

The Telog RG-32A is battery powered and equipped for wireless transmission of data, so there are no telephone or electrical lines to run to the rain gauge site. The environmentally rugged unit can operate onsite for years without maintenance.

Telog remote data acquisition system includes the most comprehensive family of wireless monitors available from any single supplier.