Datasheet | May 15, 2018

Telog PR-32A/32iA

Source: Trimble Water
Telog PR-32A

The Telog PR-32A and Telog PR-32iA are versatile instruments intended to monitor water system pressures or water levels (e.g. underground aquifers, surface reservoirs or water tower levels). When you combine the Telog PR-32A series with a Trimble software option, you have a powerful system of wireless water infrastructure monitoring that is consistently delivering real-time data from the field straight to your desktop. Imagine.....all your data on one platform straight to your computer screen.

In addition to performing the measurement and recording functions of the Telog PR-32A, the impulse recording option feature of the Telog PR-32iA units stores the waveform of captured pressure transient waves detected on the monitored network. The Telog PR-32iA can store up to 125 events of variable duration that may occur over many months of on-site monitoring, recording up to a maximum of 2.5 minutes of transient data at 256 samples/second.