Datasheet | May 15, 2018

Telog HPR-32iA

Source: Trimble Water

The Telog HPR-32iA is an ideal pressure monitoring solution for pressure monitoring, transient analysis, fire flow testing, customer pressure concerns, and hydraulic model calibration. The Telog HPR-32iA recorder measures water pressure at user programmable rates up to 256 samples per second with an internal pressure transducer. The recorder then computes any combination of the minimum, average and maximum values according to your selection of statistics and recording intervals. For example you can measure and store the maximum, minimum and average pressure at 5 minute intervals for more than 90 days (when impulse monitoring is disabled).

The impulse recording option feature of the Telog HPR-32iA units stores the waveform of captured transients. The HPR-32iA can store up to 125 events of variable duration that may occur over many months of on-site monitoring, up to a maximum rate of 256 samples per second and a total of 42,000 data values. 

Trimble Unity software combined with Telog wireless hydrant pressure recorders provide a GIS-centric cloud and mobile platform for monitoring system pressures, transients and trends, min, max and average pressure history at any user defined interval. Hydrant pressure recorders can store data internally for many months and wirelessly transmit on a defined schedule and provide alerts and alarms in response to pressure faults or transients, delivering a complete solution for proactive pressure and leakage monitoring and management.