Technical Experts Key To The Future Of Water

Source: KROHNE, Inc.
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Water is a complex, challenging field— a fact that should be better promoted if the industry wants to move forward, says Rich Lowrie, the water and wastewater industry manager with Krohne.

“I don’t think this industry is growing because there are not people entering into it and it’s going to hurt us in the long run,” says Lowrie in an interview with Water Online Radio. “People just aren’t interested in saying, you know, I run a water plant. It’s not an exotic job.”

It may not be exotic, but it does require extensive technical knowledge. Experts are needed for tasks like calibration, a “fundamental principle” at Krohne according to Lowrie. Improper calibration can make a big impact.

“By getting accuracy in the meter, you get the accuracy in the reading. Therefore, you’re adding less chemicals,” he explains.  “If you’re reading high and you’re dosing chemicals to treat your water you might be putting too many chemicals in there. Things like thickener cost money and if you’re putting too much thickener in because you have an inaccurate reading, it’s costing you money down the road. We have a very highly accredited, highly accurate calibration ring. We calibrate every meter.”

To learn more about what Krohne is doing and the importance of technical experts in the water industry click the link below for the full Water Online Radio interview.

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