Case Study

Targeted Algal Management Plan To Address Taste And Odor Problem

Source: Lonza

Lake John Hay is located six miles northwest of Salem, Indiana and is used for drinking water and tournament and recreational fishing. With an average depth of 14-15 feet, it is ideal for algae and plant growth. The persistent, recurring algae blooms was causing taste and odor problems, which led to frequent complaints.

Once officials sought an action plan, it was discovered that two primary planktonic taste and odor producers - Planktothrix and Chrysochromulina – were in the water samples. Geosmin concentrations in excess of the human detection threshold were also measured at several locations within the reservoir as well as in sediment samples.

Learn how the use of Lake John Hay was restored with the cost of water treatment for potable water declining post-treatment an estimated 21%, as well as a 97% reduction in customer taste and odor complaints.