Case Study

Systems Work In Series To Increase Filter Run Times, Reduce Water Use, And Improve Finished Water Quality

Source: Leopold -- A Xylem Brand

The city of Florence, Colorado Water Treatment Plant (WTP), located 75 miles south of Denver, uses blended surface water taken from the city’s southernmost water reservoir. All raw water sources entering the reservoirs flow into the northern reservoir and then into the southern reservoir to ensure the water is thoroughly mixed before entering the pipeline to the plant.

The Engineering Company (TEC), from Fort Collins, Colorado, recommended increasing plant capacity to meet future growth demands and improving the treatment process for removing algae found in the raw water source. TEC recommended testing a Leopold Clari-DAF (dissolved air flotation) system along with a FilterWorx gravity filter. Data collected during the pilot test confirmed the dissolved air flotation process was far more successful at removing algae than the settling clarification process.