SurgeView: Transient Pressure Monitoring That Reduces Pipe Stress While Protecting And Prolonging Asset Life


Xylem’s SurgeView™ Transient Pressure Monitoring is a non-invasive and cost-efficient way to monitor water networks for the presence of damaging pressure surges. By using real-time detection of pressure transients, SurgeView determines the sources (pumps, automated valves, etc.) of these transients. The solution identifies which pipes are under stress and face higher risk in order to prioritize inspection and replacement, thereby prolonging the effective life of network assets.

Usually deployed in tandem with LeakView™, our proactive, digital monitoring solutions detect both damaging transients and leak bursts. This single platform creates operational efficiency and enables pipe failure prediction and a quicker crew response to events.

Benefits of Using SurgeView Transient Pressure Monitoring

  • Save on CapEx by identifying failure-prone network points for surge mitigation, proactive asset management or replacement
  • Avoid critical failures by performing early and targeted interventions
  • Extend asset life by identifying and mitigating damaging transients
  • Optimize operational costs by identifying assets in need of immediate attention for maintenance operations

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