Submersible Sewage Pump Type ABS XFP 100J-600X

Source: Sulzer Pumps Solutions Inc.


Submersible sewage pump, type ABS XFP are suitable for clear and wastewater, for sewage with sludge containing solids and fibrous material.

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  • Energy saving premium efficiency motor in accordance with IE3 of IEC 60034-30 and NEMA Premium Efficiency.
  • The water-tight fully flood-proof motor and the pump section form a compact and robust unit, easy to clean and easy to service.
  • Water pressure sealed connection chamber, with two stage cable entry, protected against excessive cable tension and bending.
  • Bimetallic thermal sensors in the stator which open at 140 °C (284 °F).
  • Rotor and rotor shaft dynamically balanced, upper and lower bearings lubricated-for-life, maintenance-free.
  • Triple shaft sealing. 
  • Upper and lower sealing by means of a silicon carbide/silicon carbide mechanical seal, independent of the direction of rotation.
  • Inspection chamber with sensor for moisture protection to indicate water leakage through mechanical seal, also standard for ex version, according to FM and CSA approval.
  • Optional: Blockage- and maintenance-free internal closed looped cooling system. Cooling medium: non toxic Glycol - water mixture (standard for PE6 range).
  • 2-or 3-channel Contrablock, 1-, 2- or 3-channel closed impeller or 3-channel skew design.
  • Standard in explosion-proof construction in accordance with international standards such as 500 Class I, Division 1, Groups C and D hazardous (classified) locations.

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