Submersible Mixed Flow Column Pump Type ABS AFLX PE7

Source: Sulzer Pumps Solutions Inc.


Submersible mixed flow impeller pump type ABS AFLX series are used everywhere where large volumes of process water or wastewater containing solid effluent must be pumped up to approx. 25 m (82ft).

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The AFLX can be applied as any of the following: Sewage pumps in combination with screens, active sludge pumps, combined sewage and surface water pumps, storm water pumps for storm protection, industrial raw water and for a multitude of other applications.


  • Premium efficiency IE3 motors in accordance with NEMA and IEC 60034-30. Testing in accordance with IEC 60034-2-1.
  • Premium efficiency motors designed for VFD operation in accordance with IEC/TS 60034-25 A (Upeak< 1300 V).
  • The water-tight fully flood-proof motor and the pump section form a compact and robust unit, easy to clean and easy to service.
  • Optimum motor cooling by directing the medium being pumped over the motor.
  • Water pressure sealed connection chamber, with two stage cable entry, protected against excessive cable tension and bending.
  • Bimetallic thermal sensors in the stator which open at 140 °C (284°F).
  • Rotor and shaft dynamically balanced.
  • Upper and lower bearings lubricated-for-life, maintenance-free.
  • Insulated upper bearing for VFD operation.
  • Triple shaft sealing.
  • Double mechanical seals, silicon carbide/silicon carbide at the medium side. Carbon/chrome steel at the motor side. All seals are independent of rotation direction and resistant to temperature shock.
  • Inspection chamber with sensor for moisture protection to indicate water leakage through mechanical seal.
  • Gearbox available from 400 kW (536 hp) for AFLX 1203.
  • Hydraulics with mixed flow impeller. Hydraulics with diffuser and adjustable wear gap at the suction side.

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