STAR® Network 3000 Series Gas MTU

Source: Aclara

STARĀ® Network 3000 Series Gas MTU

At the heart of the STAR Network for gas utilities is the Series 3000 line of MTUs, which offer accurate and timely meter data to support a myriad of operational functions.

Hourly, time-stamped reads from Aclara’s Series 3000 MTUs virtually eliminate estimated billing and errors, improve revenue management and reduce customer service calls. What’s more, Series 3000 MTUs signal the utility if tampering is suspected and will notify of reverse flow conditions or unauthorized programming.

  • Meter readings every 60 minutes are transmitted to the utility four times per day.
  • Utilities can program shorter intervals over the air.
  • Each of four daily uploads include the 12 most recent stored readings, ensuring no missed reads.
  • Devices transmit up to eight digits of meter- reading data and offer a resolution of one pulse per revolution of the proving dial.