SORB 33® ARS Series Arsenic Removal Systems – Pre-engineered For Faster Delivery And Simple Installation

Source: De Nora
SORB 33 ARS Series

De Nora’s SORB 33® arsenic removal adsorber systems use our proven and effective arsenic removal media that removes arsenic to non-detect levels. Systems are pre-engineered for faster delivery times and simple installation.

A typical ARS system consists of two adsorbers configured for parallel flow and include treatment bypass if the water’s arsenic level is not very high. This arrangement provides enough well water flow to effectively backwash each adsorber when needed and without the need for a supplemental water supply.

Customized options that help to further optimize operating conditions and integration into the overall water treatment system include: treatment bypass; pH adjustment; zero wastewater discharge; series flow configuration; sequencing flow configuration; automation; distribution water for backwash; and firm capacity requirements.


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