News | June 2, 2015

Solvay Selects Neptune Benson's H2F Vortisand Submicron Filtration For Industrial Water Polishing

Source: Evoqua Water Technologies
H2F Vortisand

Neptune Benson is proud to announce that the H2F Vortisand Filtration System was selected by Solvay, one of the largest chemical suppliers in the world, for their water filtration needs.

The H2F Vortisand is a Cross Flow Microsand Submicron Filtration System. It is a high capacity, high flow automatic backwashable media filter that combines cross-flow dynamics with microsand media to achieve submicron filtration at speeds up to 5 times faster than traditional multimedia filters.

Solvay’s filtration challenge was to polish treated river water out of an existing clarifier/thickener. The goal was to reduce the TSS (Total Suspended Solids) in order for the water to be used for manufacturing processes. Neptune Benson was invited to bid on this project along with other major players in the industry. Technologies were compared on filtration efficiency, required footprint, and capital cost.

Neptune Benson proposed four H2F-600 filters to meet the filtration needs of the plant under varying operating conditions. The flexibility and modular design of the H2F Vortisand eliminated the need for a clear well for backwash purposes, resulting in less capital investment and reducing water consumption.

Due to tight space requirements, the design and engineering team decided that an inline configuration within a 40 foot custom designed container would be an ideal solution to house the equipment. The units will be fully pre-assembled, minimizing the installation cost and eliminating the need for an expensive new building.

“By using our patent pending horizontal sweeping design, the H2F Vortisand technology is becoming increasingly popular in the market. Now that the microsand crossflow filtration has been scaled up, water treatment plant designers can now benefit from this technology for any large application.” said Marco Bosisio, Vice-President of Industrial Products at Neptune Benson. “Our first H2F Vortisand in France proves that cross-flow microsand submicron filtration technology offers a cost-effective solution to industrial filtration challenges worldwide.”

The H2F Vortisand emerged as the preferred technology based on the submicron filtration efficiency, flexibility, small footprint, and overall value. Other technologies that were considered included multimedia filters, but these did not offer the required performance nor could fit within the space requirements.

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About Vortisand and Neptune Benson
Vortisand is part of the Neptune Benson family of brands. Since 1956 Neptune Benson has been synonymous with water filtration and disinfection serving the aquatics, industrial, and municipal markets. Featuring award-winning brands such as the Defender regenerative media filter, ETS-UV ultraviolet disinfection system, Vortisand and Legacy sand filters. Neptune Benson also offers the AEGIS anti-entrapment shield, moveable bulkheads, Dominion butterfly valves, ProStrainer and Guardian strainers, greendrive VFD systems, as well as all Lawson Aquatics accessory products. Neptune Benson has the expertise to provide effective and cost efficient solutions for a broad range of industry needs.

SOURCE: Evoqua Water Technologies