News | April 27, 2009

SolarBee® Places No. 6 On 'Top 50' List Of Water Companies

Source: SolarBee, Inc.

Consulting firm recognizes top innovators in global water technology on Earth Day 2009

Dickinson, ND – SolarBee®, Inc., a manufacturer of solar-powered water circulation equipment, has placed number 6 in the "Top 50 Water Companies Competition" sponsored by The Artemis Project™, San Francisco. The competition recognizes innovators worldwide who are making significant contributions to water quality. Results were announced on Earth Day, April 22, 2009.

Chosen from a field of 120 candidates, SolarBee was recognized for its technology, intellectual property and know-how, as well as team and market potential. SolarBee's solar-powered water circulators help improve water quality in freshwater lakes and reservoirs, potable water tanks and wastewater lagoons. "It's gratifying that the prestigious Artemis Project has noticed SolarBee's green technology for improving reservoir water quality," said Joel Bleth, president of SolarBee. "Awards like this are welcome encouragement for the vision of our company—which is to provide quality water, naturally."

SolarBee circulators feature a unique, Long-Distance Circulation™ (LDC) technology that pulls water from a fixed depth and moves it at an almost frictionless, or near-laminar, flow through very long distances. The solar-powered, floating circulators operate day and night, providing significant energy savings and reducing the need for toxic chemicals. The SolarBee Long-Distance Circulation technology was developed in 1998 for small wastewater ponds and soon expanded to include water circulation for freshwater lakes, potable water tanks, storm-water ponds and other water reservoirs. More than 1,700 SolarBee water circulation systems are installed throughout the world.

The Artemis Project helps corporations and institutions achieve operational excellence in water management, and advanced water technology companies best bring their value to these customers. "The purpose of the competition was to go beyond identifying exciting water technologies," said Laura Shenkar, principal, The Artemis Project. "Most importantly, the competition graded the teams that will determine which technologies lead the industry in the decades to come. In the end, the list speaks to a group of exciting individuals who are blazing new trails in the green economy with creativity and resilience."

About SolarBee
SolarBee, Inc., a division of Medora Environmental, Inc., manufactures and installs solar-powered, near-laminar-flow, long-distance water circulators. Introduced in 2001, the floating, up-flow circulators can move up to 10,000 gallons per minute from depths of more than 100 feet with a solar-powered pump. SolarBee circulators help solve water-quality problems worldwide in freshwater lakes, wastewater lagoons, storm-water ponds, estuaries, potable and recycled water storage tanks and other reservoirs.

About The Artemis Project
Established in 2000, The Artemis Project is a boutique consulting practice created to bring 21st century water management capabilities to an international network of developers, investors and users of advanced water technology. In addition to supporting the launch of innovative advanced water technology and its application within leading corporations, The Artemis Project actively participates in water industry events and supports environmental policy initiatives.

SOURCE: SolarBee, Inc.