Datasheet | October 25, 2016

SnapCap® Coarse Bubble Diffuser Datasheet

Source: Evoqua Water Technologies

The WideBand™ stainless steel coarse bubble diffuser is designed to operate efficiently in the releasing of air into tanks.

The WideBand diffuser is made entirely of 20 gauge, type 316L stainless steel and is comprised of two main body components held in place by end caps.

The aeration component is formed to provide an air reservoir and which is perforated with air exit ports of varying size. The exit ports are symmetrically located, in two horizontal rows, on the vertical surfaces on each side of the reservoir.

The bottom component is a deflector plate, also which directs the liquid being aerated along to diffuser’s outer walls and at the same time prevents rages, solids and other deleterious matter from wrapping around or entering the air diffuser. The end cap includes an integrally cast male connector, equivalent to schedule 80 pipe, having ¾” NPT and a hex nut base.