Smartrack® MF/UF Rack System

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SmartRack is a rack capable of accommodating ultrafiltration membrane modules of different brands, even with varying dimensions and connections.

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The rack can accommodate several different modules from leading manufacturers. Suez’ MEMlab facility can streamline selection of the most optimal membrane for your water. All membranes are LT2ESWTR, Title 22 and ANSI/NSF Standard 61 certified.

The SmartRack system operates on an outside-in filtration mode (filtration from the outside of the fiber towards the inside of the fiber) in order to treat directly settled or floated water. SmartRack is adaptable to any plant size as it is able to handle a capacity of 35 to 4,000 GPM per rack.

Each rack is made up of 3 parts:

  1. The valve rack: where the valves, instrumentation and electrical connections are located
  2. Interconnecting piping
  3. The module rack: where the ultrafiltration modules are mounted

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