Datasheet | April 28, 2017

SmartPoint® 510M Non-Pit Set Module Datasheet

Source: Sensus, a Xylem brand

The FlexNet® SmartPoint® 510M is a radio transceiver that provides water utilities inbound and outbound access to water measurement and ancillary device diagnostics via radio signal. The SmartPoint 510M is designed for nonsubmersible/non-pit installations. With its migratable, two-way communication ability, the M-Series SmartPoint functions as a walk-by/drive-by endpoint, fixed base endpoint, or combination of the two. This flexibility increases utility data collection capabilities and streamlines operations.

TouchCoupler Design
The SmartPoint 510M utilizes TouchCoupler, the patented Sensus inductive coupling communication platform, to interface with the encoded meter. With TouchCoupler, the SmartPoint 510M can connect to the meter using existing two-wire AMR installations instead of requiring utilities to access the home to install a new three-wire system. This results in a fast, efficient and reliable connection at minimal cost.