SmartBNR™ Process Controls

Source: Evoqua Water Technologies

The SmartBNR™ control system from Evoqua is designed by our process engineers who have a thorough understanding of the plant’s complete process. The system features an automated stormwater mode, aerated-anoxic aeration control, automated SRT control, and automated process controls. The SmartBNR™ system’s capabilities are unmatched by any other available system.  It offers precise control of simultaneous nutrient removal in a single reactor, predictive aerator response to reactor conditions, integrated control strategy using both oxidation-reduction potential and dissolved oxygen, and automated sludge wasting to maintain optimum sludge age.

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Features and Benefits

  • Guaranteed process performance - our highly reliable systems include a process performance warranty
  • Guaranteed minimum power costs
  • Hands-free operation - automated SRT controls and stormflow modes allow for reliable hands-free operation
  • Untended plant operation - can interface with existing automation to make dependable untended plant operation a reality for any system