Smart Water Meters Provide Conservation Insight For Utilities And Rate Payers

Source: Master Meter, Inc.
Water Online Radio Case Study

The latest advances in water meter technology enable information sharing that improves water conservation for both utilities and customers.

Water scarcity is a growing problem worldwide. Even in areas where water has historically been plentiful, shifting weather patterns and increased urbanization has created shortages and droughts. Smart water meter technology offers utilities and customers the opportunity to partner for a decreased water footprint.

In this Water Online Radio Case Study, Wayne Pondinas, Customer Service Representative for the Public Works Department of St. John, IN discusses his work and how Master Meter’s products help the municipality better serve their rate payers. Using data usage logs, he identifies systemic leaks and educates consumers on tracking their supply so they can make more effective use of their water.

Ian MacLeod, Vice President of Marketing at Master Meter discusses how advances in intelligent software have led to enhanced information sharing that helps utilities serve their customers better.

“We are inspired by customers because they’re the ones facing the issues,” says MacLeod, “and that’s what motivates the creation of a new generation of water management tools.” 

One particular smartphone app allows end users to see how much water they’re using per month so they can plan according to their budget, and compare their usage against the neighborhood average.

Find out how these products can benefit multiple aspects of the water industry in this radio case study. 

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