Simple, Low-Cost Media Filtration In A Compact Package

Source: Evoqua Water Technologies
Simple, Low-Cost Media Filtration In A Compact Package

Neptune Benson provides a wide range of filters and UV products for disinfection in both water and wastewater.

Marco Bosisio, Vice President & General Manager of Industrial Products at Neptune Benson, sat down with Water Online Radio to tell us more about his company, and specifically about the Vortisand Water Filtration System, which ‘combines the best features of all filtration technologies to offer simplicity, low-cost media filtration, and the superior submicron removal efficiency of microsand cross-flow filtration.’

Bosisio said that the original design was based in the 1980s, although at first it was only available for smaller flow, so it’s 150 gpm or so. Today’s design, however, can do a much larger flow -- a single vessel will give up to 1200 gpm, which is exceptional for that category of filter

Some of the benefits of the Vortisand include:
Energy savings: “First of all, by having such a shallow media bed, we don’t use as much backwash water. There’s a lot of savings on water and the energy it takes to backwash,” said Bosisio.

Size: The unit is very modular, very compact. This also means that we can bring a lot of volume and capacity on site, already mounted. Everything is pre-assembled at Neptune Benson’s shop.

“That brings a very small footprint to our client, who’s looking for a modular system or even mobile, and with a quality of water coming out of it that is just unheard of,” said Bosisio.

Frost & Sullivan gave Neptune Benson an award for new product innovation in water and wastewater filtration systems for the Vortisand in September.

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