Series 3000 Gas Detector

Series 3000 Gas Detector
The new REGAL Chlorine Gas Detector Series 3000 manufactured by Chlorinators Incorporated of Palm City, Florida, senses the presence of gaseous chlorine at levels below those mandated by OSHA ...
Chlorinators IncorporatedAL Series 3000 Chlorine or Sulfur Dioxide Gas Detectors, manufactured by Chlorinators Incorporated, Stuart, Florida, sense the presence of chlorine or sulfur dioxide in ambient air at levels below those mandated by OSHA. These units display the gas concentration on a three-digit display and, a twelve-LED bargraph. The LED representing the highest detected level stays lit even as the concentration decreases, and all lit LED's continue to blink until the gas concentration subsides to normal levels and the system is manually reset.

The Series 3000 sounds a "warning" alarm at 1 PPM for chlorine (2 PPM for sulfur dioxide), and a "danger" alarm at 3 PPM for chlorine (5 PPM for sulfur dioxide). Relays are also provided for connection of external audible or visual alarms. These units also transmit digital information for computerized data logging.

The sensor used requires no maintenance and need not be flushed, purged, or re-calibrated just because the sensor was exposed to chlorine or sulfur dioxide gas. With the use of a REGAL Chlorine Gas Generator, or a sulfur dioxide cylinder of calibration gas, calibrations of these units are easily done by simply pressing two keypad buttons simultaneously.

The REGAL Series 3000 Gas Detectors are designed for use wherever chlorine or sulfur dioxide gas is stored, distributed, or used, or wherever a gas leak involving either of these gases would pose a risk to personnel or property.

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