SCADAWatch: Real-Time Business Intelligence And Performance Monitoring Provides Knowledge For Proactive Decision Making

Source: Innovyze


A real-time operational performance monitoring and reporting dashboard, SCADAWatch brings business intelligence into interaction processes in the control room. It enables water utilities to conduct zonal mass balance and water audits to determine non-revenue water and monitor everything from uptime to analytics, access timely information to make better decisions, react faster to important events and identify opportunities to drive operational efficiencies as they happen. It positions operators as a major force for system improvement, regulatory compliance, and financial planning.

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Discover some of the many benefits of SCADAWatch:

  • Complete GIS representation of the water network: directly import InfoWater/InfoSWMM (SA) network facility and GIS layers
  • Synchronize and compare InfoWater (SA) and InfoSWMM (SA) simulation results with real-time SCADAWatch data
  • Interface with SCADA, real-time databases and billing data
  • Monitor any metered water and sewer facility (storage tanks, pumps, valves, wet wells, manholes, storm tanks, etc.) in real-time
  • Color-code based on any search result values, create templates for frequently used searches and dashboards, and show tank levels and any monitored facility data in diagrams
  • Delineate pressure zones and DMAs and compute mass balance showing total inflow, outflow, storage, usage, non-revenue water, energy consumption, energy cost, and carbon footprint in real-time
  • Instantly view non-revenue water at any time
  • Create multiple mass balance diagrams for different pressure zones or DMAs
  • Instantly compute demand patterns for each pressure zone and user type
  • Perform simple and advanced statistical analyses and multiple curve fitting functions to better understand trends, patterns and correlations between your network parameters
  • Identify events based on user-defined criteria
  • Instantly compare, visualize, analyze and summarize data
  • Display comprehensive dashboards of user-selected KPIs, showing you how your network is performing at a glance
  • Improve conservation measures and lower O&M costs
  • Predict and prevent sewer overflows and spills
  • Monitor compliance with state and federal regulations

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