RIO Zuni Installation & Start Up Video

Source: MIOX Corporation

Hundreds of industrial and commercial facilities worldwide are now disinfecting their water using the MIOX RIO Zuni.  The product’s popularity is spurred by its easy installation, minimal operation and maintenance, increased facility safety, and lowered operating cost compared to delivered bleach and other biocides.

The RIO Zuni produces Mixed Oxidant Solution (MOS) through a patented electrolysis process by MIOX using salt, water and electricity. MOS is a non-hazardous chemical that is proven more effective at microorganism inactivation. RIO Zuni installations span from the United States, Latin America, France and the UK, to Uganda, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates and South Korea.

Dozens of hospitals and universities in on the East Coast of the United States are using the RIO Zuni for cooling tower water treatment and secondary water disinfection, effectively eliminating and preventing Legionella growth through biofilm removal.

Water districts around the world use the system to treat drinking water for their smaller communities, providing residents with reliable water that is clean and safe.

Hotels from Las Vegas to Abu Dhabi to Paris are using the RIO Zuni for cooling towers, pools and spas, potable water, and waste water treatment.

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