Rethinking Old Standards: A Few Small Changes Pave Way For Innovation

Source: BlueInGreen

Innovation doesn’t necessarily require a brand new concept.

BlueInGreen’s SDOX dissolved oxygen delivery system doesn’t use groundbreaking technology. The system simply maximizes the delivery of dissolved oxygen and minimizes the footprint of the oxygen delivery system. But the technology’s unique process design—which pre-dissolves the oxygen gas into a stream of water inside of a pressurized saturation tank—won it the Water Environment Federation (WEF) Innovative Technology Award.

In this Water Online Radio interview Darryl Fendley, the senior product engineer with BlueInGreen, explains the concept behind the winning technology.

“We didn’t invent the law of physics that our process is based on, the idea has been around for a long time,” says Fendley. “What we’ve done is we found a better way to apply it that’s more efficient, that is going to save our customer’s money and provide a good solution for them.”

Innovation isn’t always easily accepted in the water industry. Many have a “love-hate relationship with it” says Fendley. But necessity might mean that soon changes.

“I think as money continues to be tight and capital budget is restricted and you have infrastructure that’s been around for a long time that really does need to be replaced, you will see that people are having to think about how can we do more with the dollars that we have and how can we be better stewards of the dollars that we have,” he says.

To hear more about BlueInGreen click the link for the full radio interview

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