News | September 14, 2017

Reliant Water Technologies Introduces The New Model 300 Portable TSS Analyzer

The Reliant Model 300 TSS Analyzer is an industrial grade Portable Total Suspended Solids Analyzer designed for the purpose of quick, reliable MLSS and sludge interface level measurements. Specifically designed for activated sludge plants, the Model 300 will also be useful in waste lagoons. The analyzer has an auto-ranging capability from mg/l to percent solids up to 3% solids.

The Model 300 utilizes a display that is the latest in graphical color and sharpness, and is visible in any lighting condition. The display is protected from damage by mis-handling and is waterproof. The keypad utilizes large glove size digits and is intuitive. The instrument utilizes a rugged polymer enclosure that is proven to withstand the rigors of industrial plant use.

The Model 300 TSS sensor utilizes the latest in embedded digital electronics with an LED source. The sensor is built to withstand the rigors of working in a cement and steel environment and is made of polymer and PVC components. The optical grade lenses are made of clear polymer. The cable is marked in feet and meters for use in determining sludge level blankets in clarifiers.

Reliant Water Technologies is located at 141 Robert E. Lee Blvd. - #284, New Orleans, LA 70124. Telephone Mr. Jim Dartez at 504-400-1239, FAX 504-242-8887 or email him at For more information on Reliant Water Technologies visit the website at See the Model 300/30 Portable TSS Analyzer at WEFTEC ’17 in Chicago in booth #3956.

Source: RELIANT Water Technologies