Reduce Maintenance And Extend Longevity With Dual Tubing

Source: Blue-White Industries

Bill McDowell, Sales Engineer with Blue-White Industries, sat down with Water Online Radio to discuss the new things happening with their company and their peristaltic pump tubing lines.

Blue-White manufacturers a Flexaprene line of tubing, which is a dual tube that allows them to decrease the diameter of the tube and essentially put two tubes in the head, resulting in twice the output. By reducing the diameter of the tube they can make the tube softer and, therefore, it lasts a lot longer and still gives very good pressure capability for the water market.

“By using the new Flexaprene line of tubes with the dual smaller diameter tubes we get the high pressure capability as well as the higher output volumes that they need,” McDowell said.

Every application is a little different, and the line of tubing is available in a variety of materials to meet the customer’s needs. It is important up front that the user and the engineer understand the application at the outset to determine what tubes are available for that application.

Click the radio player below to learn more about the Flexaprene line of tubing as well as some of their other newer products like clamp-on ultrasonic meters, and municipal M-C version of their diaphragm pumps.

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