RTC105 N/DN Module Real-Time Nitrification And De-Nitrification Control Solution

Source: Hach


Controls ON/OFF aeration through continuous measurement of ammonia and nitrate in the oxidation ditch or sequencing batch reactor

Optimize your nitrification/denitrification & save energy dollars

  • Choose from three modes:
    • Nitrification control with an ammonia setpoint
    • Denitrification control with a nitrate setpoint
    • Nitrification and Denitrification control with both ammonia and nitrate setpoints
  • Controls ON/OFF aeration through continuous measurement of ammonia and nitrate in the  oxidation ditch or sequencing batch reactor
  • Optional DO controller regulates dissolved oxygen concentration during aeration
  • Enhances your existing control system for better treatment and more energy savings

Relax knowing your nitrogen levels are under control

  • Advanced off-the-shelf solution handles influent nitrogen spikes so you don’t lose sleep worrying about permit compliance
  • Stabilized effluent values immediately after commissioning
  • A turn-key system—installed and functioning in less than 24 hours

Theory of Operation

  • Optimize nitrogen elimination in biological wastewater treatment plants which are either operated with intermittent aeration or as a sequencing batch reactors
  • Nitrification and de-nitrification times are determined according to the current ammonium and nitrate concentration

Reliable nitrogen monitoring complemented with D.O.

  • AMTAX sc- reliable ammonia analyzer requiring minimal maintenance for consistently accurate ammonia results
  • NITRATAX sc– robust UV based nitrate sensor which does not require reagents nor calibrations
  • AN-ISE sc –Combination ammonium & nitrate ion selective sensor

Customized to fit your plant

  • Interchangeable components creates a customized solution to fit your plant
  • Output control signal to SCADA (4-20mA, Modbus or Profibus) for optimal control
  • Single or double channel controller for single or multiple tanks

When we say Service, we mean Service

  • Complete Service package includes local field service experts to provide routine maintenance visits and warranty repair - plus a team of remote technical experts with the ability to monitor your system and ensure optimum performance.
  • One point of contact for the entire system from install to troubleshooting
  • It's like having a Hach Technician right there with you at the facility!