News | December 2, 2010

Real Tech Inc. To Launch Partnership Program

Source: Real Tech Inc.

Real Tech Inc. is a top Canadian based clean technology company that has developed a line of water quality monitors that solve many of the challenges faced in with water industry today.

Real Tech's award winning and patented technology is able to provide a variety of detection capabilities from wastewater to high purity water. Real Tech's affordable solutions can be used as alternatives to other conventional organic test parameters such as TOC, to optimize coagulation and also to assist with UV disinfection (UVT) performance, resulting in cost savings and superior water quality. Real Tech's monitors are also invaluable for preventing the formation of harmful disinfection by-products such as THM's in chlorination applications. In addition, Real Tech's technology can be used to detect accidental or intentional water contamination and environmental pollution (COD).

About Real Tech Inc.
Founded in 2004, Real Tech Inc. has shared its innovative technology with more than 30 countries. Hoping to expand further to facilitate the improvement of water quality globally, Real Tech is launching their Partnership Program in January 2011. This established network of industry professionals and organizations will help to meet the needs of end users all over the world with education, access to local distributors and service.

Please contact Real Tech Inc. for more information or to request a Partnership Program application.

SOURCE: Real Tech Inc.