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10.28.21 -- Ransomware Attacks On Utilities Increasing; Distributed Monitoring Unlocks The Value Of Data


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MSS Series High-Pressure Feed Pump
The MSS Centrifugal High-Pressure Pump Series has a wide variety of features and benefits for both wastewater and drinking water treatment. It is available for flow rates of 7.5 to 295 m3/hr (33 to 130 gpm), and is rated up to 1,200 psi (82 bar). It is constructed using Super Duplex Stainless Steel for corrosion resistance, and is lubricated entirely by the pumpage, which eliminates the need for oil- or grease-based lubricants.
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Fluid Equipment Development Company (FEDCO)
Degas Separators And Degas Relief Valves

The GDT Degas Separator is a patented centrifugal vortex unit that separates entrained and stripped gases from liquid (water) based on the density difference between the gas and liquid. Its unique compact design quickly and effectively separates unwanted entrained gases — such as ozone, chlorine, or methane — and requires far less space than traditional gas separators.

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Mazzei Injector Company, LLC
Enigma Digital Correlation Logging System

Enigma loggers are deployed at multiple positions, typically on valves or hydrants, during normal working hours. They may be programmed for either daytime or nighttime operation. The loggers record the actual leak sound. When retrieved, the leak sound is transferred to the host software where it is processed to display all leak positions between loggers.

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AdVantEdge Residential Treatment Solutions

The AdVantEdge line of products from AdEdge is a complete line of water treatment products to remove arsenic from drinking water in individual households. The AdVantEdge residential product line includes single tap or point-of-use (POU) systems and whole house or point-of-entry (POE) systems. 

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AdEdge Water Technologies, LLC
PumpDrive R
The PumpDrive R is a variable frequency drive that enables you to reduce your pump’s energy consumption. The inverter comes ready for operation, preset to the pump and motor.
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KSB, Inc.
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Dri-Prime NC350 Pump Provides Nonclog Sewer Bypass Solution
Godwin’s Dri-Prime 16” pump ran a sewer bypass system continuously for a month without issues while the city of Raleigh, NC, replaced a major outfall line feeding its wastewater treatment plant. The Dri-Prime NC350 combined Flygt N-technology with its innovative self-cleaning impeller and Godwin Field Smart Technology, which provides 24/7 remote monitoring of the pump.
AdvanTex AX-Greywater
Greywater treatment systems for subsurface irrigation and water reuse, with the following reuse and recycle applications: irrigation, toilet flushing, industrial cooling, wetlands, ponds, lakes, groundwater recharge, fire suppression, vehicle washing, and dust control.
Water Treatment Solutions
For the water treatment industry, quality is non-negotiable. Consistently demonstrating that regulatory standards are met, while at the same time driving down treatment costs, provides the stimulus for continuous process improvement.
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