350psi Resilient Wedge Gate Valves


Triple O-rings and dirt seal
A dirt seal at the top keeps out debris. Two O-rings above the stem thrust collar bearing area isolate it from ground contaminants, and one below isolates it from the waterway. The two upper O-rings and the dirt seal can easily be replaced in the line while the valve is under pressure in the fully open position.

Forged bronze stem and thrust collar
This time-tested Mueller design has two thrust washers and has repeatedly proven its superior strength over cast stems.

Provides a superior bonnet seal.

Bronze stem nut
The nut is electrically isolated from the iron in the wedge for corrosion resistance. The nut is held tightly in place to resist stem binding.

Polymer wedge guide bearing caps
Provides a bearing surface between the encapsulated wedge and the interior epoxy coating, lowering operating torque and extending the service life of the valve.

Oversized, full port opening, smooth waterway
The bottom of the waterway has no grooves or recesses to collect sediment or debris and compromise the seal. It accommodates full-sized shell cutters with ample clearance during tapping operations.

Mueller PRO-GARD® epoxy coating system
The superior fusion-bonded (thermosetting) powder epoxy covers the interior and exterior with a thickness of 10 mils nominal. The powder epoxy coating fully complies with ANSI/AWWA Standard C550.

Integral legs
Flats cast in the bottom of the valve body let the valve stand upright in storage or during installation.

Available end connections
FL x FL, MJ x FL, MJ x MJ, SL x SL, and FL x SL.