Article | December 16, 2013

Protecting Natural Water Supplies First Step In Conservation

Source: Master Meter, Inc.

While some states have seen an abundance of water supplies, such as New Jersey, other states with more agricultural and irrigation needs have been less fortunate. However, some sources suggest that one of the first steps for regions expecting shortages and are agriculturally dependent is conservation through the protection of natural water resources. 

Wisconsin is a good illustration of how strategies that still rely upon natural water sources, like Lake Michigan, can be effectively implemented without causing strain on the supply. Waukesha, a Southeastern Wisconsin town that balances between the subcontinental divide, drafted a plan that would recycle water from Lake Michigan, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported. The lake is a vast and seemingly unending water source in the Midwest, a resource that would be generally unaffected by Waukesha's use, the Journal Sentinel suggested.