Case Study

Problem-Free Pumping In Wicklow County

Source: Sulzer Pumps Solutions Inc.

Wicklow County lies on the east coast of Ireland south of Dublin. Wicklow County Council is responsible for running 35 wastewater treatment plants in the county that treat the sewage from urban centres with populations ranging from 50 to 30 thousand. ABS was invited to install two ABS submersible sewage pumps XFP of the ABS Effex range in a pumping station in Aughrim. This small town lies in a scenic valley in Wicklow where the Ow and Derry rivers meet to form the Aughrim river.

Constant pump blockage
The pumping station involved has two pumps used to pump wastewater from 250-300 houses to the main treatment plant. The problem was that the original two pumps with channel impellers were blocking two to three times per week. This required two men to unblock the pumps and clear the station every time a blockage occurred. Although the blockage frequency was reduced when these pumps were replaced with vortex pumps, there was still a weekly callout for blockage removal.

ABS EffeX solves the problem
In an effort to solve the costly and disruptive blockage problem, ABS had discussions with personnel from Wicklow County Council. These were Niall Gallagher, Senior Executive Technician, Sewage Plant and Pumping Stations, and Hugh Doyle, General Services Supervisor.

The outcome was to install two pumps from the ABS EffeX range: ABS submersible sewage pump XFP 80C-CB1-4 PE22/4.