Brochure | August 12, 2016

Pratt® Metal Seated Solid Wedge Gate Valve Brochure

Source: Mueller Water Products

Designed and manufactured for use in wastewater and sewage applications, the Henry Pratt Metal Seated Solid Wedge Valve is available in both non-rising stem and outside stem & yoke (OS&Y) designs. Available in sizes 3” through 96” the Metal Seated Solid Wedge Valve is designed in accordance with AWWA C500 standards as well as ANSI and ASTM standards. All valves 16” and larger are designed with bronze body and wedge guides. The valve is available with hand wheels, operating nuts and integrally cast mounting pads for gears or electric actuators and all valves are coated internally and externally with liquid epoxy conforming to AWWA C500.