Polythylene-To-Ductile Iron Pipe Connector

A new adapter that allows ductile iron pipe and fittings to be joined to polyethylene pipe...
Phillips Driscopipe, that allows ductile iron pipe and fittings to be joined to polyethylene pipe was introduced recently by Phillips Driscopipe. This fully self-restrained Mechanical-Joint Adapter, which is listed under National Sanitation Foundation (NSF)-14, was developed specifically for drinking water distribution systems. The adapter is available in four, six, eight, 10 and 12-in. ductile iron pipe size (DIPS) and steel (IPS) diameters. It can be ordered separately or as a kit with rubber gasket, tee-bolts and metal back-up drive ring.

Being self-restrained by design, it does not require external reinforcements such as concrete thrust-blocks, commonly found in use with other adapters or pipe joints. Soil settlement or pressure thrust can affect unrestrained fittings such as gasketed slip-joints, which are pushed together and may pull apart over time.

The mechanical-joint gasket zone is reinforced with a stainless-steel internal stiffener to ensure constant gasket sealing pressure. This construction, according to the company, provides long service life, reliability, durability and corrosion resistance.

To make a connection, the standard rubber gasket is mounted on to the insertion end of the adapter. A metal back-up ring then is mounted next to the gasket flange, which is made from high density polyethylene pipe (HDPE). After this assembly is heat-fused to the polyethylene main, the pipe with integral adapter is inserted into the mechanical-joint bell. Tee-bolts are mounted and torqued to close and seal this bell and spigot joint.

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