News | May 5, 2019

Piping System For Safe Conveyance Of Hazardous Liquids To Be Featured At ACE19 Expo

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ACE19 Expo, June 10-13, 2019, Colorado Convention Center, Denver, Colorado, GF Booth #814

GF Piping Systems will showcase the Double-See® Vinyl Double Containment Piping System at ACE’19, Booth #814, June 10 - 13, 2019 at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver, Colorado. Double-See is an extremely easy-to-install pressure-rated system with a primary (inner) and secondary (outer) pipe designed for safely transporting hazardous liquids.

"Most double containment piping systems on the market require that the primary and secondary pipes be cut to different lengths," explains Alphonse Anderson, Engineered Piping Systems Product Manager. "With our Double-See System, both primary and secondary pipes are cut to the same length and can be joined simultaneously. This saves significant time and prevents potential mistakes caused by staggered pipe-cut measurement errors."

Double-See is available in sizes from ½" x 2" to 6" x 10" in both PVC and CPVC; either material may be primary or secondary (PVC × PVC, CPVC × PVC, CPVC × CPVC) with Clear PVC always an option for the containment pipe. The system provides a complete selection of pipe, fittings, leak detection and access tees, closure couplings and termination fittings.

Other important features include a unique-to-the-market 3D thermal expansion compensation centralizer, and a valve-in-valve design that provides full pressure rating in the containment piping. The system’s patented closure coupling allows practical conformance to ASME B31.3 test requirement for visual inspection of all primary joint connections during the pressure test before closing the secondary piping joint.

In addition to the obvious benefit of safe transport of hazardous liquids, Double-See is an ideal solution in many applications, including water and waste water treatment, chemical delivery, dosing and processing, microelectronics, life sciences, metal working/finishing, and waste collection.

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