Newsletter | October 20, 2021

10.20.21 -- PFOA/PFOS Treatment Systems; Specialized Electrocoagulation; Injection Skids; Mag Meters

Featured Products
PFOA/PFOS Treatment Systems

PFOA (perfluorooctanic acid) and PFOS (perflurooctane sulfonate) are organic synthetic chemicals that have been used in manufacturing a multitude of industrial and consumer-based products including coatings, carpeting, and fire-fighting foams. 

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Newterra, Ltd.
SLP Series Low-Pressure Pump
The End-Suction, Single-Stage, Centrifugal Pump offers an array of benefits for both drinking water treatment and wastewater treatment. It features a reliable, low-maintenance design and Super Duplex construction for corrosion resistance.
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Fluid Equipment Development Company (FEDCO)
Hurricane® Filter Housings
Harmsco MUNI HP filters provide unsurpassed performance. Our patented Hurricane design separates dense solids prior to cartridge filtration for extended filter life, increased dirt holding capacity and reduced maintenance costs.
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Harmsco Filtration Products
Constant Chlor Plus A300N-GF Feeder

The Constant Chlor Plus A300N-GF Feeder is a compact chlorine gravity feeder capable of producing high feed rates. Its simple, rugged design makes it ideal for small community wells and drinking water storage tanks. The feeder works with Constant Chlor® Plus Tablets to chlorinate drinking water. 

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ORION Cellular LTE-M Endpoint
The ORION Cellular LTE-M endpoint is an evolution in advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) technology, strengthened by the Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) approach. The innovative endpoint utilizes existing IoT (Internet of Things) cellular infrastructure to efficiently and securely accomplish two-way communication of meter reading data via the LTE-M cellular network.
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Badger Meter
Specialized Electrocoagulation System

GWT electrocoagulation (EC) technology has become a valuable solution in the treatment of water and wastewater due to its ability to remove contaminants that are generally more difficult to remove by filtration or chemical treatment systems, such as emulsified oil, silica, total petroleum hydrocarbons, refractory organics, suspended solids, and heavy metals.

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Genesis Water Technologies
Machine-Intelligent Leak Testing Of Underground Pipes
If a pipe leaks electricity, it will leak water. Focused electrode leak location (FELL) unambiguously locates and measures, in gallons per minute, all potential leaks that are typically missed by CCTV. Bad joints, cracks, holes, fractures, bad service reconnections, and poorly cured liners leak but cannot be detected visually.
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Electro Scan Inc.
OCTAVE Ultrasonic Meter

Octave brings the latest in ultrasonic metering technology to commercial and industrial (C&I) water meters and puts precise measurement where the real flows exist.

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Master Meter, Inc.
LST200 Ultrasonic Level Transmitter

Level measurement is a key requirement in many industries where accurate data on liquid levels is needed for purposes ranging from managing storage through to reporting. In water and wastewater treatment applications, where dozens of level devices may be used, a product that offers simple commissioning, reliable operation, fast delivery, and easy maintenance offers tremendous customer value.

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ABB Measurement & Analytics
Smart Water Meters And Remote Reading Systems
Major global trends are having a profound effect on the water industry, from aging workforce and infrastructure, securing the future of our drinking water resources, and digitalization. How do you deal with these challenges? With smart metering solutions from Kamstrup, you can start addressing these issues today and gain the confidence to overcome the challenges of tomorrow.
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Double-Wall Storage Tank: 18,000 Gallon
Contain liquids and vapors in this double-wall chemical storage tank. All four walls and the V-bottom of this tank are double-skinned. The open area between the walls (interstitial area) will contain leakage from the primary (inner) wall should that occur, preventing liquid from leaking into the environment. There are interstitial drains to check for leaks.
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United Rentals
Proline Promag W 800 Electromagnetic Flow Meter

The Proline Promag W 800 electromagnetic flow meter is a long-lasting battery-powered magmeter with secure system integration and communication.

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Endress+Hauser, Inc.
TrojanUVSwift ECT Advanced Oxidation System

The TrojanUVSwift ECT provides year-round disinfection and simultaneous treatment for seasonal taste and odor events.

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Trojan Technologies
SIMATIC PDM Maintenance Station V3.0

Field devices are the eyes and ears of automation. The failure of a valve positioner, temperature, flow, or pressure sensor can quickly lead to serious malfunction of the process. With SIMATIC PDM Maintenance Station V3.0, Siemens offers the right solution for efficiently monitoring the condition of smart field devices, irrespective of the automation and control systems used.

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Siemens Process Instrumentation
WATERFLUX 3070 Electromagnetic Water Meter

The WATERFLUX 3070 is a battery-powered electromagnetic water meter for use in water abstraction wells, district metering areas (DMA), and custody transfer measurement of potable water (MI-001, OIML R49). With optional pressure and temperature sensors, the meter can also be used for leak detection, quality control, and pressure management systems.

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KETOS WAVE: Building Smart Water Efficiency And Distribution Management
When it comes to understanding water utilization or measuring leaks directly, compared to just estimations or having partial data from acoustic and noise logging measurements, our innovative KETOS WAVE fabric (patent issued) provides the necessary data in real-time for customers to take action.
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RTP Tanks Repair Services
Plas-Tanks Industries offers the following services for fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) tanks: FRP vessel inspection, repairs — regardless of the original manufacturer, engineering services, transportation, and installation assistance.
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Plas-Tanks Industries, Inc.
AFC SEMPER Remote Pressure Monitor (RPM) With Impulse Technology

The AFC SEMPER RPM featuring "Lift & Shift" capability is an ideal solution for pressure monitoring, transient analysis, fire flow testing, customer pressure concerns, and hydraulic model calibration. 

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AMERICAN - American Cast Iron Pipe Company
Series 1100HV Restraint For Existing Push-On Joints

The Series 1100HV is a restraint made for existing push-on joints on large-diameter C900 PVC pipes. It is built from ASTM A536 ductile iron and has a MEGA-BOND Restraint Coating System. 

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262 Fabricated Stainless-Steel Coupling
The JCM 262 Fabricated Stainless-Steel Coupling provides an economical solution to joining two plain end pieces of pipe. Constructed of carbon steel end rings with resilient fusion plastic coating, a 304 stainless-steel middle ring and alloy hardware, electrocoated with Powercron 590-534, the JCM 262 is prepared for the harshest of elements, corrosive line content, or both!
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JCM Industries, Inc.
Injection Skids

Mazzei injection systems are designed using Mazzei’s patented technologies to obtain the most efficient mixing and contacting of air, oxygen, ozone, or chemicals into a water stream.

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Mazzei Injector Company, LLC
E33 Adsorption Systems

In the adsorption process, contaminants break their bond with the water molecules and chemically adhere to a filter media. This is typically accomplished by directing the water flow through pressure vessels containing the filter media at a rate that allows enough contact time for adsorption to occur. 

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AdEdge Water Technologies, LLC.
Oxelia For Drinking Water Applications
Biological and chemical contamination in drinking water poses a significant public health risk, and plant operators require a treatment system that allows them to produce a safe and reliable supply of clear, good-tasting, and biologically stable finished water with the lowest concentrations of nondesired substances.
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Leopold -- A Xylem Brand
OptiFiber Cloth Media Filtration

Technology pilot demonstrations can be beneficial to wastewater treatment plants by providing a snapshot of essential process operating conditions and allowing the customer to interact with the technology and factory personnel.

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Aqua-Aerobic Systems, Inc.
Next-Gen Capital Controls Chlorinators
The unique compact design incorporates the best existing Capital Controls technology with exciting new features. With just three models ranging from 10 to 10,000 lbs/day capacity, each chlorinator is available with automatic or manual feed and a 10” flow meter for an easier read. Sonic operation on the 4100 model eliminates the need for a differential pressure regulator.
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De Nora
Insta-Valve 20-24 Insertion Valve For 20” To 24” Pipes
As the latest addition to Hydra-Stop’s award-winning Insta-Valve family of solutions, customers with 20” and 24” pipes can now benefit from the only insertable gate valve with the superior performance and reliability you would expect from the Insta-Valve name.
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