Newsletter | November 1, 2021

11.01.21 -- PFAS: The Real Cost Of Inaction

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Water Treatment Products And Services
Model 4200-LC Automatic Gas Feeder Controller

The JCS Industries Model 4200-LC Automatic Gas Feed Controller feeds gaseous chemicals commonly used for water and wastewater disinfection accurately, reliably, and safely.

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JCS Industries Inc.
NoMonia Biotreatment Solutions

NoMonia is a dual-stage engineered biotreatment process that relies on naturally occurring bacteria. Typically, the amount of ammonia that can be oxidized during the natural nitrification process is limited by oxygen availability and its saturation level in the water.

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AdEdge Water Technologies, LLC.
900 Series Multi-Parameter Monitor/Controller
Myron L Company’s new 900 Series Multi-Parameter Monitor/Controller combines accuracy, reliability, simplicity, and flexibility. The user-intuitive GUI (graphical user interface) allows easy and complete programmability of the instrument all from the LCD touch screen. These highly accurate instruments have the ability for simultaneous monitoring and controlling of multiple inputs/outputs.
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Myron L Company