Brochure | August 31, 2018

Parkson Municipal Brochure

Source: Parkson Corporation
Parkson Municipal Brochure

Parkson has been known as a leading technology provider ever since it first launched the inclined plate Lamella® Gravity Settler in the U.S. municipal market in 1971. The list of innovations that Parkson has introduced to the U.S. municipal market include continuous backwash DynaSand® Filters, continuous belt Aqua Guard® Fine Screens, membrane aeration diffusers and solar-powered THERMO-SYSTEM® sludge driers. 

Many of these products have been imitated or copied by our competitors; however, none of our competitors can replicate Parkson’s broad knowledge base, based on the process of product development and our ability to select the correct technology from a wide variety of options for each of our customer’s unique needs.

Parkson continues to innovate and introduce new products that minimize operator attention and energy usage. Today we have cost-effective solutions for headworks, clarification, filtration, nutrient removal, fixed film and suspended solids biological treatment systems, water reuse and biosolids applications.