News | April 11, 2016

Paper Mill Uses KROHNE OPTISWIRL Flowmeter To Increase CO2 Emission Credits And Lower Costs

Source: KROHNE, Inc.

Robust vortex flowmeter integrates pressure and temperature measurement

KROHNE, Inc., a global technology leader in the development, manufacture and distribution of accurate, reliable and cost effective measuring instruments for the food process industries, announces that its OPTISWIRL 4070C vortex flowmeter was used by a paper mill company to measure methane gas emitted from its anaerobic bioreactor. The measurement allowed the paper manufacturer to increase its CO2 emission credits and lower energy costs.

Water used in the paper manufacturing process collects fibers and starches that are consumed in a biomass reactor as part of an anaerobic process. The mill selected the OPTISWIRL 4070C because it needed a robust flowmeter with pressure and temperature capability to measure the methane gas being pumped from the biomass reactor. After processing to remove impurities, some of the biogas is used to power the plant’s boilers in place of natural gas. This reduces the plant’s carbon footprint, gains additional CO2 emission credits, and lowers plant operating costs.

KROHNE’s OPTISWIRL 4070C has been designed to be robust and highly versatile. It is a unique vortex flowmeter with integrated pressure and temperature measurement. It incorporates the company’s ISP (intelligent signal processing) technology, which eliminates unwanted signal noise to deliver precise, stable measurement.

The OPTISWIRL is designed to measure accurately the operating flow, volumetric flow, and mass flow of conductive and non-conductive materials. These materials can be liquids, gases, or vapors, and the instrument can handle fluctuations in material pressures and temperatures.

Designed to provide high reliability and, once installed, the OPTISWIRL 4070C does not require on-going maintenance. Its durable stainless steel case is resistant to pressure, temperature and corrosion, making it suitable for use in harsh applications such as those in the chemical, petrochemical and gas industries.

The OPTISWIRL family now includes the new OPTISWIRL 4200 with several enhancements. It is suitable for use in SIP (sterilization in place) and CIP (cleaning in place) processes in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.

With a simple to use, intuitive menu and plug and play set up, the OPTISWIRL can quickly be operational. PACTware is fitted as standard and the instrument’s modular design allows electronics to be easily replaced.

KROHNE is a worldwide technological leader in the development, manufacture and distribution of accurate, reliable and cost-effective, measuring instruments for the process industries. KROHNE focuses on forming partnerships with its customers to provide them with the most reliable and innovative solutions available in the marketplace. For more information about KROHNE’s complete line of measuring instrumentation for the process industries, For more information, visit

Source: KROHNE, Inc.