Brochure | August 7, 2012

Optical Sludge Measurement System Brochure

Source: KROHNE, Inc.

OPTISYS SLM 2100 – Optical measuring system for reliable detection of sludge blanket and fluff level
Constantly moving, expanding, contracting and cannot be “seen” by standard ultrasound measuring devices: fluff in sedimentation tanks and sludge thickeners. However, operators of wastewater treatment plants need reliable information about the level and concentration of all sludge phases. These are precisely the values provided by the OPTISYS SLM 2100. Fluff layers largely reflect or damp ultrasound waves. Standard measuring devices can therefore often not reliably detect sludge layers below, but OPTISYS SLM 2100 goes right down to the bottom of the tank and thanks to its direct, optical measuring principle, it detects all sludge phases, supplying precise concentration and level measurements. Optional it is even possible to record a sludge profile.

This provides you with valuable information that acoustic processes cannot “hear”, so you can detect sedimentation problems early and prevent sludge being washed out to the next stage.