OMNIPURE™ Series 55/64 Marine Sewage Treatment

Source: De Nora


Offshore oil and gas operations generate sewage that can contain contaminants which have a detrimental effect on water quality and the overall marine environment. As a result, marine sewage treatment systems are required to lessen the environmental impact.

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At De Nora Water Technologies we understand the importance of providing safe and effective treatment of black and gray water. That’s why we’ve designed the OMNIPURE™ Series 55/64 marine sewage treatment systems to provide wastewater effluent quality well below MEPC.227(64) requirements while eliminating the requirement to handle waste solids from raw, untreated influent. The OMNIPURE Series 55/64 systems have received Bureau Veritas certification per IMO Resolution MEPC.227(64) and USCG Certificate of Approval to MEPC.227(64).

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